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7 Spring Songs for Kids: Benefits that You Must Know

Apr 17,2024 | Josephine Delima

Kids love music. Just like any other music genre, spring songs for kids are mood shifters. Psychology tells us that music, being a wordless conversation, does not only cheer up kids with tantrums but also improves their way of dealing with their emotions. 


Besides, music is a magnet that brings people together. So, exposing kids to music, especially at a young age increases their focus and verbal memory. 


At this point, you might have noticed that music has been used in many classrooms. Now, let me ask you something. Can you name at least one school for children who do not sing songs during classes? 


Having trouble to name one, aren’t you? Songs are popularly used in teaching lessons - be it in the classroom setting or home-schools. The handful of reasons behind this fact are detailed below. 


A girl is learning to sing from the computer


How Music Backs up Learning?


Music is an avenue to learn new skills


Aside from setting the mood, a catchy song ignites kids’ interest to learn new concepts and skills. Imagine that just by singing the lyrics and moving around, kids learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, and many more. 


Not only that songs help children master essential skills easily, but also expose them to proper behavior as well. While enjoying themselves with the song’s melody and beautiful rhythm, they build connections and make new friends. 


Music fosters good social skills and a sense of community


Using songs for kids in the classroom helps kids develop a sense of belonging, empathy, and mutual respect. The experience of making and/or singing songs together breaks the social barrier that hinders “inclusivity” from blossoming. 


Music improves focus and self-motivation


Since music kindles emotions, its impact on children’s behavior is irrefutable. A carefully-picked song helps them stay in control of their own emotions and improve their focus on the lessons. This meaningfully links them to the things they are expected to acquire in school.  


Music boosts creativity and emotional well-being


It might appear to be a minute element of a learning curve but, integrating music in the lesson boosts kids’ emotional intelligence and creativity. The beauty of a song and the art behind it is more than enough to trigger their young imaginative minds, helping them create a unique work of art. 


Music aids in language and auditory development


The melody of kids’ songs trains the brain to process sounds, which is a crucial part of language learning. Here’s another admirable fact. According to research, kids’ songs reinforce language and reading learning among academically challenged learners.     


You might have heard of spring songs for kids at some or another, haven’t you? To get to know these songs better, here’s a bunch of interesting songs that you must know 


Spring Songs for Kids: 7 Best Picks 


Season change, as a natural wonder, must be welcomed with joy rather than fright. Seeing some kids not enjoying spring after getting used to the chilling months of winter is tragic. 


Let us help kids appreciate the new blooms and beautiful warmer weather after months of falling snow. How? Reveal in front of their eyes the many beautiful spring songs that they will surely love. 


Created with engaging melodies, these playful songs can get these little folks singing and grooving as they greet the spring with high spirits and fervor. 

  1. Spring SongSung to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”, this spring song for kids has three verses- all talking about the sun’s warmth, the lovely dripping sound of the rain, and the blooming flowers. 


  1. Plants: Sharing the same tune with the Spring Song, this is an action song that teaches kids how seeds are planted during the spring. Kids move their fingers acting as the falling rain, the shining sun, and the blooming buds. They spread their hands and make them look like flowers. They even act out planting the seeds by squatting down. 


  1. Five Pink PigsThis is a play pretend rhythmic chant where teachers call the attention of kids wonderfully and excitingly. Kids love to hear their names through a song. 



  1. Colored Frogs: Learning colors does not have to be boring. This is one of the best spring songs for kids where kids hop like a frog every time their shirt’s color is mentioned. It is sung to the tune of “Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?” Aside from being a cool and fun way to learn colors, it teaches discipline and improves the psycho-motor skills of kids. 


  1. Blackbirds Sitting on a HillIt is another most-favored spring song for kids that fosters alertness, listening skills, and psychomotor skills. This play pretend kids’ song lets kids squat down, jump, run around, flap their arms like a blackbird, and run towards the teacher. It teaches kids how to follow simple instructions and imagine being the blackbird in the song. 


  1. KitesThis chant is perfect for learning numbers from one to five. While chanting, kids pretend that they are holding a kite by their hands, and hold up more fingers as the chant specifies. Instead of using bare fingers, number cards make good props for this chant. 


  1. The BeehiveAnother chant for learning numeracy is The Beehive. Kids assume their fists as the beehives. As the chant progresses, they wiggle their fingers as they together count one to five. 


Here’s some incredible news! These spring songs come in many variations. Some talk about bunnies, baby chicks, and other things around us. Also, they are printable and offered free. As long as the materials are used solely for educational purposes, and are accessed directly from the rightful owner’s website, these learning resources are open for grabs to everyone. 


Having known the role of spring songs for kids in creating a pleasing and engaging learning environment for kids makes it a must-try. Failure to do so is one of the mistakes you can make as a teacher and/or a parent who wants to give kids the best they deserve.