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We are committed to creating toys that become cherished companions on the journey of childhood.

A Wonderland of Growth, Guided by ROBUD.

Our mission

Igniting Imagination, Enriching Childhood

Robud® was founded in 2017, a sub-brand of Robotime®, which is a toy brand specializing in designing and producing children toys that are highly imaginative and creative. We have a global designing team where our talented designers come from all over the world, such as France, America and China. Our supply chain is based on China, and we are devoted to create the world-class modern toy for children.
At Robud, we envision a world where every child experiences the pure joy of play, where imagination knows no bounds, and where learning is an adventure filled with wonder. Our vision is to be the catalyst that sparks creativity, fosters curiosity, and shapes the foundation of a brighter future for children around the globe.
Our promise

Excellence in Every Aspect of Our Toys

The well-being of your child is our top priority. We promise to adhere to rigorous safety standards, ensuring that every Robud toy is made with non-toxic materials, smooth edges, and undergoes thorough testing to meet or exceed industry safety regulations.

Tonia Elliott

Quality Play Kitchen with Lasting Appeal

"Grateful to have found a brand that prioritizes both playfulness and education!"


Little Builders' Dream Tool Set!

"Robud have truly brought joy into our daily routines."

Gerald Osborne

Enchanting Dollhouse Sparks Imagination

"The Robud toys are not only kind to the planet but also capture our child's imagination."

We committed to be the beacon of joy in every child's world.

2007 - Year of Foundation

Child Education Specialists
23k +
Square Meters Factory Area
100k +
Toys Sold
Why people say we're the best
Why Choose Us
Captivating Creativity:
The imaginative play experiences we offer set us apart, making us the go-to choice for families seeking toys that foster creativity and wonder.
Uncompromising Quality:
We prioritize the use of durable, child-safe materials to ensure that our products not only withstand the rigors of play but also provide a reliable and secure play environment.
Customer-Centric Approach:
 We actively listen to feedback, continuously evolving our products and services to meet the evolving needs and expectations of families.